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Gerard Doyle

Which is better 1% of a big market or 100% of a small one?  Today’s guest, Gerard Doyle of Fractal Marketing believes there is way more benefit in being at the top of a small market.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Profile

In this week’s episode, Javed S. Khan shares five tips to improve your LinkedIn profile. Be prepared to stop the podcast and improve your profile along the way.

MTFW is a production of Roundpeg, an Indianapolis Digital agency

Consumer Products on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just for B2B communications.  In this week’s episode Jennifer Denney of Elevated Marketing shares an example of a consumer product successfully using the LinkedIn advertising tool. 

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Brainstorm By Yourself

Brainstorming by yourself can feel like playing tennis alone. You hit the ball really hard and watch it fly, but it's not that satisfying because you don't get the return.

My guest Carrie Anton the author of Me, Myself and Ideas says it doesn't have to be that way.


Carrie says: “You have to move from get work done mode into creativity mode. In that mode we create a lot of fun, sometimes very playful activities such as things that you might have done in kindergarten.

Such as using a magazine to create a collage or writing your name backward.

When you're working, you're very deadline-driven, because you're trying to get tasks done. Your mind is focused, and a focused mind is not a great brainstorming mind”.


Have we peaked your curiosity?  Listen to the episode now.

Lorraine Ball Day of Digital Preview

Your host, Lorraine Ball will be one of 9 featured speakers in the Day of Digital Online conference.   

Listen to  a preview now, then check out her full session on May 9th. 

Jasmine Jenkins Day of Digital Preview

Karen Leonard is one of the featured speakers in Day of Digital. Learn more at

Karen Leonard Day of Digital Preview

Jasmine Jenkins is one of the featured speakers in Day of Digital. Learn more at

Get A Life

Want more free time?  This week’s guest Matt Nettleton shares his tips for working smarter, not harder

Google My Business Posts

Bryan Caplan thinks most small businesses are missing out on the opportunity to improve their SEO and advertise their business, essentially for free with Google My Business

Write for People

Our guest, professional writer Scott Flood is passionate about writing content for human beings.