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January 17, 2020  

#440 Time for a Content Calendar - Sam Von Tobel

Great content does not happen by accident. The more planning you do up front, the better your results will be. In this episode, Lorraine sat down to chat with Sam Von Tobel for a timely conversation about content planning including creating your calendar, a new tool, to improve the look of scheduled content, setting goals and measuring the results. 

As you start your planning, think about the rhythm of the year.  Do you have a seasonal business?  If so you may want to plan content themes to match the seasons or the products that are more popular in those seasons.   Maybe you are going to run an aniversary promotion a calendar will help you anticipate all the assets (images, social share graphics, custom blog posts) you will need to make a large impact. 

This conversation was sponsored by  More drink recipes can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this episode are based on our assessment of the tool. 

Key Takeaway - Make your calendar meaningful by outlining specific objectives for each of your actions.  Then mid month and at  the end of the month you can evaluate how effective your actions were and make changes rolling into the next month. 

January 14, 2020  

#439 Where do great stories come from?

4-time Emmy award winner, Laura Bucker joins Lorraine for a conversation about stories.  How to pull the details from someone to build a story that will support your marketing messages in a compelling an emotional way. 



January 10, 2020  

#438 Expose and Close with Charlie Cina

A cold call should really be called a new call because your goals is simply to build a new relationship.  Start the conversation with your power presentation. This is short, maybe eight to ten seconds which identifies who you are, what you do, and ultimately, what problem you can help somebody solve.

 While you won’t make a sale in ten seconds you need to capture the attention of the other person with a message which will open them up to a longer conversation.

 KEY TAKE AWAY -Be prepared for every conversation


 Charlie Cina captivates his audiences and teaches them how to master the right mindset, missions, and moves to reach their personal potential to drive massive revenue. Through his writings, speaking, and consulting, he has built a vast group of followers known as Disciples of Sales.

Charlie believes that the ability to present and persuade are necessary life skills that everyone needs to succeed. He will teach you that your primary responsibility in business is to expose your brand, expose your products, expose your services, and expose your solutions to build long lasting revenue relationships.


January 7, 2020  

#437 Ten Years of More than a Few Words

On January 7, 2010 we published the first episode of More than a Few Words on Podbean.  We had no idea how where the journey would take us, but we were hoping for a little fun and good conversations along the way.  

Today, we are popping the champagne corks as we toast to the first decade.  Sam Von Tobel joins Lorraine as she talks about the roots of this popular podcast as where she thinks it will go from her. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Enjoy the show, then listen to a few more, they are short! 

January 3, 2020  

#436 - When Employees Make Mistakes

As a leader it can be frustrating when employees make mistakes but it may not be their fault.

Before you blame them, Randy Clark suggests you step back and ask the following questions to be sure you gave them the best chance for success. 

  • Have they been trained? 
  • Were your expectations clear? 
  • Do they have the tools? 
  • Were their actions impacted by something outside their controls
  • Were they following guidance from someone else?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Sometimes, there is a perfectly valid reason an employee doesn’t follow instructions. 


Randy Clark is an Amazon best selling author (management and business skills) who is passionate about management training. He works with businesses to create and facilitate leadership development.

Although he continues to work with TKO Graphix as a consultant, Randy recently left his full-time position as Director of Communications for TKO to pursue his passion, leadership development. Randy gears his training to the needs of the client, offering training for future and current managers as well as leadership teams.

His training philosophy is based on service leadership. Over the past 30 years, every company Randy has worked with on an ongoing basis has grown. Here’s what Tom Taulman II, president of TKO Graphix had to say, “Randy began leadership training with TKO Graphix in 2008.

He has molded and developed our management team with his service leadership philosophy. The best thing I can share is that our business has grown by more than 400 percent in volume during Randy’s time here.”

He is the author of several books on management and leadership including:

December 31, 2019  

#435 Book, Speak, Repeat

Kerry Kathleen Heaps, founder of Book, Speak, Repeat  joins Lorraine for a conversation about becoming a public speaker.

If you want to grow your professional speaking business focus on your story.  Think about the experiences and life lessons which make you uniquely qualified to give a presentation. Structure your presentation as a series of stories, not facts.  Your audience will remember the story long after the presentation is over.

Beyond the story, you must identify 3 – 5 takeaways ( action items or relevant messages) which will make your presentation relevant and valuable for your audience.

Finally, there are five things every professional speaker needs: A current bio, several core topics. Presentation summaries for meeting planners, specific takeaways for each topic and a current head shot.

KEY TAKEAWAY – There are way more speakers than speaking opportunities, if you want to be hired, you need to make it easy for event organizers to work with you.

MTFW, hosted by Lorraine Ball is part of the Digital Toolbox from Roundpeg 

December 27, 2019  

#434 What Type of Networker are You?

Awkward, Alone, and Afraid

If you are nervous and anxious when attending a new networking event and the thought of shaking someone’s “maybe unwashed hands” gives you chills, then this conversation with Raven Richardson may be just what you need to hear this morning! 

December 24, 2019  

#433 Don’t Go with Your Gut

If you are like most business owners you have developed a skill for making gut decisions. But my guest Dr. Gleb Tsipursky thinks that might just be the wrong way to approach your business decisions.  

The author of multiple articles and several books on the subject, including his new one. Never Go With Your Gut  he presents a logical and easy to follow alternative. Listen to learn his five easy steps to improving your ability to make decisions on the fly. 

December 20, 2019  

#432 Question of the Day with Robby Slaughter

Every day for the past six years, Robby Slaughter has been asking a question of the day. Sometimes, silly, sometimes serious these questions generate responses between friends and strangers. 

I sat down with Robby to understand why he does it, and what he has learned along the way.

Look for Robby’s question every day on Facebook.

December 17, 2019  

#431 Three Processes with Barry Magliarditi

If you could go back and start your business over, what would you change? This week's guest Barry Magliarditi has three processes he wishes he had impletemented soon. 

About Barry

Barry Magliarditi is the founder and director of The Game Changers. He has been recognised for his thought leadership by the 30 under 30, 2015 Telstra Business awards and was chosen as Australian Coach of the Year for the 2016 Invia Innovation and Excellence in Business Coaching in Australia.