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#415 Live from She Podcast with JoDee Curtis and Danielle Ireland

This is a special episode of More than a Few Words, recorded live at She Podcast, a women's podcasting event.  Lorraine caught up with JoDee Curtis of the Joy Powered Podcast and Danielle Ireland of Don't Cut Your Own Bangs to talk about why business owners need to get out of their office and attend events like this, how to deal with the information onslaught and set priorities on which ideas to put into practice. 

About our guests: 

JoDee Curtis is the Founder of Purple Ink and the ink pad, author of JoyPowered™: Intentionally Creating an Inspired Workspace, and co-author of The JoyPowered™ Family,  The JoyPowered™ Team   and the host of the Joy Powered podcast

JoDee has a passion for helping organizations and individuals discover their talents and do more of what they do well!  She is a wife and mother of three humans and two labradoodles, and she loves to read and travel.  

Danielle Ireland will tell you she is not your mama's therapist. An, LCSW, (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with an MSW, (Master’s in Social Work) she describes herself as a speaker. ballroom dancer. actress. licensed therapist. recovering perfectionist. wife. podcaster, and supersized laugher.  

She is  the host of Don't Cut Your Own Bangs.   A podcast designed to be the remedy to comparing yourself to others & feeling like everyone has it figured out but you.



#414 Use Events to Grow Your Business

One to one marketing is great, but it takes a lot of time. This week, my gest Anna Osherov, an Eventologist explains that events allow you to be more productive, with one to many marketing.

About Anna

Anna is the founder of The Holistic Business Hub,  a boutique venue that supports and empowers business people to bring their vision to life.

By providing a successful space where people run demonstrations, workshops and events. Our clients rapidly grow their exposure through our comprehensive business training, access to our community network, business resources and tools.

By empowering business people to communicate their message effectively they deliver value to their clients and other stakeholders.

413 Pick the Perfect Promotional Item - Dean Kapsalis

Looking for a trade show give away or something for your team, Dean Kapsalis has a simple three step process to help you select the perfect item.

About Dean 

Our guest, Fuel Merchandise Group founder, Dean Kapsalis, has been in the marketing industry for 20 plus years. A Hoosier native and IU alum, Dean’s passion for education and athletics led to a valuable college experience as a 4 year student-athlete.

Lessons learned in the classroom and on the field provided the foundation for an accomplished business career. The values of building great team relationships, performing at a high standard of excellence and working with others to reach a common goal, are the same values Dean brings to every facet of FMG.

Today, Dean’s passion is focused on leading FMG’s journey to empowering employees, delivering value to its customers and making a positive impact in the community.  To Dean, Fuel is more than a business that just makes branded products. Fuel is a vehicle to help customers bring success to their missions and inspire brands to become their best. 

 More than a Few Words is a weekly marketing conversation, produced by Roundpeg as part of their Digital Toolbox community. 

#412 Being Unapologetic Davide Di Giorgio

Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people to see how you measure up or are you proudly different? This week our guest David Di Giorgio thinks that perhaps cases you're suffering from "Comparanoia"

What is Comparanoia?

Is that excessive and even obsessive desire to be like other people, or unlike anybody else. Some people will say no. I don't have a comparison problem. I don't compare myself to anybody and what's interesting is when you try to be unique or unlike anybody else you isolate yourself. 

About Davide

Davide Di Giorgio is the number one international best-selling author of “Being UNapologetic”, a keynote and TEDx speaker, comparanoia™ expert, and a speaking and confidence consultant for influencers and celebrities. He is a writer for The Good Men Project, Thought Catalog, Thrive Global, and Success Profiles Magazine.

His philanthropic endeavor, Project Being UNapologetic dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students.

#411 StoryTelling — Alexandra Rufatto-Perry

Everyone has a story to tell. This week, my guest Alexandra Rufatto-Perry the owner and CEO of Practically Speaking, LLC, talks about how to use storytelling as part of your business communication.

About Alex

Alexandra Rufatto Perry is the owner and CEO of Practically Speaking, LLC, which helps executives and their leadership teams develop the communication skills necessary to command rooms and deliver captivating messages.

Alex is a highly-acclaimed TEDx  speaker, facilitator, and mentor, using strategies she learned in nearly two decades of studying powerful communication in workplace settings.

She is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist, has a background in adult neurology and emotional intelligence and is an EQI 2.0 certified administrator.

Most importantly, Alex blends her scientific approach to executive presence and public speaking with her love of storytelling, laughter, and humor into her professional development work with individual clients and corporate teams alike.

#410 B2B Podcasting - Bill Caskey

Ten years ago, Bill Caskey inspired Lorraine to create a podcast. Today, he shares why every B2B company needs one.  

About Bill Caskey

Bill CaskeyBill Caskey writes books, records podcasts and produces videos with one intent: help sales teams move from ordinary to extraordinary. The market has changed dramatically, which demands you prospect and sell differently in order to succeed. Those who change their mindset and mechanics can “own” their market.

Bill proves that by abandoning the worn out sales approaches that prospects see coming a mile away, you can radically increase your income. It requires that you develop and implement a scalable plan, think differently, and take new and different actions. Bill helps clients do just that.

He has trained sales teams for 30 years, taught over 7500 workshops, and coached over 50,000 sales professionals.

He’s the author of Same Game New Rules used by hundreds of sales teams (and several other titles); creator of The 2X Group, a mastermind learning program for high sales achievers; and co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, a Top 30 Business Podcast on iTunes with over a million downloads and according to Inc. is one of the “19 Podcasts Worth More Than an MBA;” and host of the 2X Podcast: High Impact Sales Training for Sellers and Leaders.

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#409 The Tech of Business - with Jaime Slutzky

Our guest, Jaime Slutzky is passionate about technology.  Since 2011 she's been helping businesses run more efficiently so their owners can spend more time in their zone of genius and follow their business dreams. 

We got a chance t talk about how to select new technology that will be the best fit for your business.

Jamie is the host of the Tech of Business Podcast

#408 Indiana Originals with Mel McMahon

Mel McMahon is on a mission to to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating greater use of independent, Indiana-based businesses.

And while that may sound a bit lofty, she is well on her way, with Indiana  Originals and organization that helps local Indiana businesses connect with resources and customers. 

Mel talked with Lorraine about how it works, and why it works on this week's episode of More than a Few Words. 

Mel McMahon StoneCo-Founder

Mel McMahon Stone is an entrepreneur, radio and television personality, and local business activist. Mel is a board member of the Indiana Chapter of the TEARS Foundation, the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana, and her high school alumnae association. She is currently heard on 93.1 WIBC and appears on WISH-TV8’s Indy Style and LifeStyle Indy on WFYI Channel 20. She also acts as a consultant to several nonprofits and local small businesses and is a proud member of the 2013 IBJ Forty under 40 class. The Chief Everything Officer of Indiana Originals, Mel travels the state to help local business owners find the resources they need to be successful and helps consumers find local, Indiana-based businesses faster and easier.

#407 She Podcasts Everywhere

This week my guest is JessicaKupferman the co-founder of She Podcasts and the Podcasting School for Women.  We talk about the challenges of expandin the brand from podcast to Facebook group and even live events. 


More than a Few Words is part of the Digital Toolbox by Roundpeg. 

#406 Emotional Mastery

According to this week’s guest Liana Allison, anger is actually an emotion that we need to bring passion and creativity to life. The trick is to channel that emotion.

Liana Allison is the Australian-based founder of The Institute of Empathic Leadership. She is an  international award-winning Empathic Leadership Coach, Business Woman, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and an Empowered Empath. 

Trained in a number of modalities that allowed her  to pioneer a new empowered way to deal with emotions in business and in life.

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