More than a Few Words

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Write for People

Our guest, professional writer Scott Flood is passionate about writing content for human beings.

Successful Business Events

This week, our guest Grant Carlile  of the Mountains explains that a successful event is about so  much more than the food and the venue. 


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Coaching Conversation

This week business and life coach Halle Simpson talks with us about the seven steps of a coaching conversation.

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Google My Business With Bryan Caplan Final

This week our guest Bryan Caplan (Bryan Caplan Marketing)  talks will Lorraine   (link to my page on Roundpeg) about how to spice up your Google My Business Page with Photos and Video

Social Media Audit

This week it is two for the price of one as the Co-founders of Green Loop Marketing Melanie Allen and Meghan Martin join Lorraine Ball for a conversation about social media audits.

More than a Few Words

Don’t Hire a Web Designer

This week Doug Karr dropped by Roundpeg for a conversation about why companies shouldn't hire a web designer.

Niche Marketing Is Profitable

Sometimes you have to narrow your focus to increase your profit.  In today's conversation with Laurie Knechtel of Truss Marketing we dive into the topic of how finding a niche can actually drive more business. 


Let’s Chat

This week we spoke to Bobbi Baehne of Think Big, Go Local about how to use Facebook chatbots to deliver messages your customers will notice.

It is all About Process

This week’s speaker, Grant Carlile believes that instead of constraining creativity, rigid process can actually set you free


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The Entrepreneur Mastermind

This week our guest, Karmen Fink describes her networking / mastermind group which offers entrepreneurs a safe space to learn, grow and succeed.