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#403-Managing Your Message-Jim Karrh

What do you say when someone casually asks "What do you do? "  

Coach and professional speaker, Jim Karrh, believes that being able to answer that question in a clear, consistent and conversation manner is a distinct competitive advantage. 

In today's conversation he talks about the message, the messenger and the habits you need to build to deliver that message consistently . 

#402-Being Consistent-Barbara Stuhlemmer

Consistency may seem boring, but according to this week's guest Barbara Stuhlemmer of Blitz Business Success creating consistent messages and processes is actually the key to business success. 


#401-Life by Design-Andrea Butcher

This week's guest, Andrea Butcher of HRD Advisory Group believes you should live life by design, not by default.  Taking control of your daily activities starts with a long term vision - where do you want to be in ten years. 

Once you have the vision, you can begin to think about what you can do this week to move closer to that goal.  And on  a daily basis, defining what is the most important thing for you to do today.  

Episode 400 - The Greatest Hits

It is hard to believe that this is the 400th episode of More than a Few Words.  That is a lot of conversations.  Over the years, we have had some terrific guests, some serious and some silly conversations. I thought it would be fun to go back and listen to some of my favorites from our early years.  

In this episode, i have clips from four early conversations. If you are intrigued you can listen to the entire episode by clicking the link below. 

Alison Carter - Position Statements - Why should I buy from you. 

Jay Mattingly - Ninja Turtles and Disc Profiles. 

Matt Nettleton - Finding Your ideal Client

Jarred Juett - Staying one Step Ahead of the Content Onslaught.

You are in the Leadership Business

No matter what business you are in, if you have employees you are in the leadership business. This week our guest, Kyle Gorman of the Employer Blueprint explains how even novice managers can be more effective leaders. 

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Joel Russell, founder of eImagine has built company by creating a culture that makes people want to come to work.

LinkedIn Hacks

Our friend, Javed S. Khan is back with part two of his conversation about LinkedIn. Today he share's some little known tips to help business owners get the most from the professional online community.  


Javed is the owner of Empression - A Marketing Services Company

Buy a Franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great way to become a business owner. But be sure you look before you leap! This week, our guest Stephanie Ewing talks about her process from preliminary investigation to final purchase of a Yoga studio franchise.

Be sure to become a founding member of the Fishers Honor Yoga Studio



Simple Tips for Stress Relief

Stress is a part of the package when you start a small business. Dr Pete, stress relief expert and author of the book Lighten Your Day, says it doesn’t have to be. 

In this conversation with Lorraine he shares tips and tricks you can add to your daily routine to lower your stress level today.

Sustainable Small Business

Where should a small business start if they want to reduce their environmental footprint?  The short answer?   Listen to this conversation with Julia Goldstein

Consultant and author Julia Goldstein spoke with Lorraine about building green and sustainable practices into your business.  

 This is something companies of all sizes can do.