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State of Innovation

We are living in an era of unprecedented innovation. At the core of this explosive growth in new businesses, new products, and new ideas is the ability for anyone to access tremendous resources and tools from their desktop.

Information and research, collaboration tools and 3D printing are drive the costs of launching a new idea down to a fraction of what it would have cost just a few years. ago.

 any period in historyWe are living in an age of exploding innovation.  Every time you turn around a new 

Innovation - What it Takes to Make an Idea Succeed.

Not all ideas are good ideas.  According to our guest Chris Hoyt, most even suck.  But even so, with the right team, and a willingness to listen to your customers, you can launch a successful business. 

Do you have a business map?

If you were about to head out on a long road trip to somewhere you had never been, you would want a roadmap.  The specific outline, with milestones along the way, would tell you that you were heading in the right direction. 

Just like a road trip, you are driving your business to a place you have never been before, so you should have a roadmap for that as well.

In today's episode, Lorraine and Sam talk about how to start your planning process.



Flip It Or List It. Is it Time to Sell Your Business

As a business owner, you don't always get to spend your day doing the things you love. But if too much of your time is being spent on tasks you don't love, if you are starting to burn out it may be time to consider making changes or letting go.  

Ryan Parshall realized he was burning out and sold his marketing agency.  Today, he works with other business owners to help them decide if it is time to flip or list. 

Guerrilla Marketing

Innovative, unconventional and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining the maximum exposure.

That is how Alan Silber of the Guerilla Agency describes his approach to marketing. 

Internal Podcasts with Jennifer Crawford

For the most part, we think of podcasts as a method of reaching out beyond your organization. But they can be a very effective tool for internal communication as well.

If your memo falls flat and your newsletters are ignored by your team, consider podcasting for internal communications.

Podcasts are a great way to make windshield time productive. Modern workforce appreciates the flexible nature of on-demand content. They don’t necessarily have time when you want to talk, but they still want to hear your message in your words.

Podcasts help you build a company culture, even if your workforce is scattered around the country or the world. They let you communicate the essence and meaning behind your message conveying the passion in your voice.

This week, Jennifer Crawford joins Lorraine for a lively conversation on More Than a Few Words

Yes, You Need an SSL

When you leave your home you lock your door.  Makes sense, right? You wouldn't want anyone to steal your stuff. But what about your website? Do you lock that door, too? 

This week Lorraine and Simon chat about adding an SSL to your website. 



Introducing Just a Few Words

We've added a new program to our line up. In addition to the weekly conversation with marketing professionals from around the world, we're launching Just a Few Words.  

This is a quick daily marketing tip available as an Alexa Flash Briefing.  Every day Lorraine Ball shares a thought or idea you can put in to practice right away.

So if you start your day with a few news headlines, be sure to add Just a Few Words.


My First Dollar

I love talking with business owners.  I am always surprised at where their ideas came from and what they learned along the way. Well, I discovered I am not alone in that curiosity when I spoke to Heather Chastain, the Queen of Words and host of the Podcast, My First Dollar. 

Listen as she shares some of the most interesting things she has learned along the way. 

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Influencer Marketing

Many people think that influencer marketing is about paying someone to endorse your product.  While that can work, Shane Barker says there is much more to a successful influencer relationship. 

It needs to be a collaboration, which each party involved brings something of value to the table and is in it for the long term.  

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