#646 Dumb it Down

The other day, I got the nicest note from a prospect,  who by the way is now a client. He said "The information you shared was valuable and easy to understand. Most of the folks we talked to try to wow us with technical crap and it becomes so confusing. You guys didn't , thanks!! "

As a former school teacher, I was trained to break complex concepts into smaller, easy to understand elements. It seems that skill is an asset in my marketing consulting sessions as well.

Too often subject matter experts think they have to impress their prospects with their knowledge instead of making them feel comfortable. Why would someone want to hang around you if you make them feel uncomfortable? 

As you're writing information, even if it's for a technical audience, dumb it down a little Why? It's easier to grasp the important concepts if the language is simple, clear, and direct.

So what about you? Are you so busy sounding smart that you're running off your prospects? If that's the case,  simplify your messages and sell more.  

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