#602 - Explore, Evaluate and Embrace

The marketing minute is a shorter version of the popular More than a Few Words podcast. Instead of a conversation with a marketing professional, host Lorraine Ball shares a quick tip to start you on your week

How do you decide which digital trends deserve attention and resources and which don't? So how did I answer the question? Simple, our strategy is explore, evaluate and embrace.

The first part of the strategy is staying ahead of the curve by reading, reading, reading. There's no single expert in the field so I have several websites I check on a regular basis.

When I find something that piques my curiosity, I switch over to evaluation mode.  I dive into by reading product reviews and searching for discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then we kick the tires for ourselves to see if the product works the way they say it will.

Finally, we look at how this addition fits with the rest of the marketing program.  This is where many exciting ideas get sideline because even if a tool looks great, if it doesn't fit with everything else you're doing, it's not a great fit for you.

And finally you need to embrace and this is where you have to make a decision to go big or go home and admit the resources or don't play.  

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