#601 Local Business Buckets

More than a Few Words is a marketing conversation for business owners hosted by Lorraine Ball, founder of the Digital Toolbox 

Today we are going to dive into local marketing, connecting with customers who are around the corner and down the street. The range of marketing choices for local businesses can be overwhelming. Our guest Laura Cole broke the conversation into three buckets: online, search, and then mobile marketing,

Online marketing: Get your website in good order. This is your online storefront to showcase the work that you do your specialties, your expertise.

Search Engines.: Google and major directories, ensuring that your listings are up to date with your name, address, phone number hours of operation and details about your business.  Make sure the information is current and accurate.

Mobile optimization:  This is more than just does your website look good on mobile? It is the entire experience that happens on mobile. It encompasses all the mobile tools you can use to reach out and connect with prospective customers.

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