#596 Go Local with Google My Business

More than a Few Words is a marketing conversation for business owners hosted by Lorraine Ball, founder of the Digital Toolbox 

As a business owner, the most important thing is for people to be able to find you. More often than not, they're going to Google to look for you.

Unfortunately, you're competing with companies that are much larger than you. But you have an advantage if you're a local business,

That advantage is Google My Business because  Google plays such a vital role at each touchpoint throughout the entire customer journey.  Whether they are gathering information, considering alternatives or getting ready to buy, they are turning to Google.

If your GMB page is there ready and waiting with just the right information, you will have a better shot at closing the sale.

About John Vuong

John Vuong is the owner and founder of Local SEO Search. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market.

John puts a strong emphasis on relationships and treats his client’s like family, wanting to not only help them rank but to help their business grow and succeed.

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