#574 Why People Unsubscribe

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You work hard to build your email list and it is painful  to see your subscribers leave, but that is part of the natural cycle of email marketing. Why do they leave? Our guest Emily McGuire   says it boils down to one of three simple reasons. 

  1. There's the natural sort of progression of interest in your brand. Maybe they have purchased your product or no longer need your product.  In that case your messages are no longer relevant.
  2. There's also the content overwhelm.  These days our inboxes are flooded.  So if you are contributing to that flood without adding real value your readers are going to unsubscribe.
  3. Your readers feel tricked. They signed up to receive one thing, then you send them a string of unrelated pieces of content.  This happens when we hyper focus on the open rate as the baseline metric 

Want to improve your open rate? Be sure to grab a copy of Emily's Action Guide: Boost Your Email Open Rates ASAP


About Emily McGuire

Emily McGuire is the Owner and Chief Email Marketer at Flourish & Grit: an email marketing and automation studio. She helps businesses uncover hidden revenue in their email lists by pairing a business' unique customer journey and high-converting copywriting.

With lessons learned over a decade in tech and e-commerce, sending thousands of email campaigns, and earning clients over $80 million in email campaign revenue, Emily loves sharing the time-tested strategies of email marketing done well.

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