#562 Do What You Love

If you’re like many business owners, you started your company to do something you enjoyed. Maybe you were a chef and you started a restaurant, or a doctor who wanted to take care of people, or a marketer who enjoyed the creative challenge of engaging customers with a product. Whatever it was, you started your company to do that thing.

Along the way, you figured out you also had to do sales, bookkeeping, human resources, and dozens of other tasks which take time out of your day and your week. So how much time do you really spend doing what you set out to do? It’s unlikely that 100% of your day is comprised with things that you love. At some point, you have to deal with an unhappy employee, preparing paperwork for your accountant, or calling clients who are behind in payments.

But if your day is primarily taken up with things that you’d rather not do, you’re heading for burnout. And you need to recognize the warning signs and reverse course, because life is too short. Maybe you need to change your business model. Maybe you need to delegate or outsource some of your services, but build into your planning process, a way to get back to what you love.

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