#547 Asymmetrical Web Design

I happen to love things that are quirky and a little off balance. That should come as no surprise considering the fact that I named my company Roundpeg.

It is this love of asymmetry and innovative shapes and sizes and styles that has really got me jazzed with some of the new web trends we’re seeing. Over the last few years websites had gotten very boxy with large rectangular images at the top, three boxes below is the preferred format.

But new design tools are allowing us to create designs which break the grid pattern, creating the illusion that sections of the website seem to float and break traditional borders. We’re seeing asymmetry everywhere.

This allows information that is more important to live in wider columns and layouts with unequal columns draw attention to the most important information on the page. We’re seeing lots of angles and dividers in weird shapes and sizes.

If you’re ready to see a little asymmetry in your website, reach out to us at roundpeg.biz. 

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