#544 Bring a Little Personality

The weekly marketing podcast, More than a Few Words is hosted by Lorraine Ball and features conversations with professionals from around the world. 


So often small businesses make their web copy and marketing information so flat and so generic, prospective customers have a hard time finding a reason to hire them.  To make your company stand out and encourage prospects to choose you, your brand must have a little bit of personality.

Every company has something in the culture, values, beliefs, or methodology, that makes them unique.  The more you can laser in on what makes you unique, the easier it is for people to connect with you.

 Don’t be afraid of a strong personality.  Instead of trying to keep everyone happy, accept that you may alienate some people.  But Danielle thinks that’s ok. Because the people who connect with you are more likely to be excited and passionate about working with you.

You can bring a little personality into your content by writing as if you're writing to a close friend. This removes any pretense you might have and allows you to be more genuine and relaxed.  Then if that doesn’t work, grab a copy of Danielle’s About Me Mad Libs


About Danielle - In Her Own Words...

I help people and the brands that target them to develop their Genuine Personality Brand, creating content that sounds like you and giving you the space to truly be yourself in your messaging. 


And while I can’t pull a rabbit out of my hat, I can create and hone your Personality Brand, engage your audience and deadlift you or your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible.

(Note: I’m available for office party tricks and accept payment in bottles of Bordeaux.)


Learn more at morethanwordscopy.com  ( No this isn’t a typo, that really is the name of her website. )

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