#554 Become a Personality Brand

he weekly marketing podcast, More than a Few Words is hosted by Lorraine Ball and features conversations with professionals from around the world. 

These days everybody's trying to present themselves as an expert. So how do you stand out in your niche in a crowded market? Part of the magic comes from creating a visual brand.

Where does the process begin to build a visual brand for yourself?

In today's crowded market, anyone can become a personal brand, but only special people can become have a personality brand.

A personality brand is what's unique to you. It's how you position yourself in the market and how people perceive you.

In the swipe right swipe left world, we make a decision about someone in less than one 10th of a second. We are in judging all the time so you want to make sure when you are creating your business, it's driven by your personality, because that's something that you're going to find your aligned audience with. And you're showing up in a way that is authentic and honoring who you are.

About Sharon Haver

As a photography fashion stylist for a cornucopia of clients for over 15 years, Sharon Haver enhanced the look of magazine covers/pages, catalogs, advertisements, commercials, industrials, and visual imaging.





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