#539 Traffic Sources

Often when I talk to business owners about their Google Analytics, they focus a lot of attention on how many people came to their website, how many unique visitors, and what their bounce rate was.

They miss  some of the most valuable information in Google Analytics, which is where your traffic is coming from. This data is the most actionable of all the information in your analytics.

If your direct traffic is low, for example, that tells you that you need to be spending more time in offline activities, attending networking events, conferences, and trade shows handing out copies of your business card or handing out flyers with links to your website.

If your organic traffic numbers are low, that means you need to be creating more content for your website.

If your referrals are low, you need to spend time creating some inbound links to your website. If you want to improve the performance of your website tomorrow look at your traffic sources today.

If you’d like help building a plan to do this, drop us a note at roundpeg.biz. 

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