#551 Why You Need to Conduct Research

The weekly marketing podcast, More than a Few Words is hosted by Lorraine Ball and features conversations with professionals from around the world.

Many business owners assume they know the answer. They believe they don't need research, but Lori Highby thinks that's a mistake.
When you are making assumptions, it is like shooting darts in the dark. You may hit the target, but the majority of those darts are going to hit the wall or break a window.

If you start with the facts, really get into the head of who your target customer you can craft a plan based on data and insight.

Now you have a strategy to get the right message in front of the right people so they want to do business with you. 


With a core personal value of lifelong-learning, Lori Highby has shared creative and strategic digital marketing, personal branding, and entrepreneurship lessons with people and organizations from allover. Her 20 years experience, education, and involvement range from currently owning a digital marketing agency, Keystone Click, being the 2013 recipient of the “Bravo! Entrepreneur Award” from BizTimes Media, teaching undergraduate students as an adjunct professor at UW-Milwaukee, and serving on numerous boards including the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.   She is also the host of the Social Capital Podcast.  

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